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Does your Pet experience seperation anxiety?

Our full spectrum Hemp oil droppers and peanut butter can help your pet feel at ease at home and give you peace of mind when leaving them alone. Just give them the suggested serving size based on their weight 30 minutes to an hour before leaving!

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Petals and Tails Company Mission

We believe that good health comes from simple and high quality ingredients from Mother Nature. That is why we use the purest plant Hemp oil combined with floral extracts to create effective products to help your pets live a healthier life. 

We offer unique products including: Full Spectrum Hemp oil, Hemp Treats, Hemp Peanut butter, Hemp shampoos and Hemp balms!

Our products come from hemp plants that contain less than 0.3% THC.

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BEnefits of CBD Oil for Cats

Benefits Of CBD Oil for Cats

How Does CBD Oil Affect Cats Effects And Benefits Of CBD Oil For Cats Reducing Swelling And Pain In Cats With CBD Oil Using CBD Oil For Anxious Be...

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