How we came across CBD

CBD could have saved my dog

Linoy Ben naim has extensive prior experience working in the pet industry, specifically focusing on grooming products. She started “Petals and Tails” after feeling helpless when her beloved 'Chispita,' her chihuahua, began experiencing seizures and quickly passed away. In an effort to help Chispita, and all other dogs like her, she threw herself into researching possible remedies and palliative treatments, and came across CBD oil! She learned that CBD oil, although a new alternative for medicine in dogs, has had incredible and almost “too good to be true” results on dogs’ health. CBD oil has helped stop seizures in pets, relieve pain, reduce joint pain and inflammation, reduce nausea, help with aggression, control allergic reactions and reduce various types of anxiety in pets. On top of these amazing benefits, Linoy discovered that CBD has no side effects making it an exemplary alternative to traditional medicine routes. Feeling empowered she decided to start this line of products combining floral scents/extracts with CBD oil to help pet owners give their pets the best life possible.

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