Does your pet suffer from allergies, rashes, hot spots, sensitive skin, a dry and brittle coat, cracked paws, licking and biting?

Say hello to our Bye Bye Allergies Kit! It combines our topical products for ultimate skin and coat health as well as our famous oil dropper to target allergies and other skin issues internally as well as provide relief and prevent future outbreaks!

For optimal results we recommend a daily dose of our oil dropper as well as applying our balm 2-3 times daily and a bath with our hypoallergenic shampoos at least twice a month.

Kit includes:

One shampoo (Lavender or Orchid)

One balm (Lavender or Orchid)

One oil dropper 250mg (smaller pets) or 500mg (larger pets) 

Dosing for our droppers:

*Remember every pet is different and some may need more or less milligrams depending on their unique case.

  • Pets less than 15 lbs: Get 5mg
  • Pets from 15-30 lbs: Get 10mg
  • Pets from 30-50 lbs: Get 15mg
  • Pets 50 lbs plus: Get 20mg