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CBD Peanut Butter 500mg

Our delectable CBD peanut butter is 100% natural and comes with a powerful 500 mg of full spectrum CBD! 

Your dog can now enjoy his CBD in peanut butter form! 

Pssttt: It is safe for humans as well! 

Oil Dropper 250mg, 500mg, or 1000mg

Meet the original Petals and Tails dropper! 250mg, 500mg or 1000mg of full spectrum CBD extracted from hemp plants grown organically in Oregon, USA. Our droppers are known for their high quality, effectiveness and overall WOW-factor when pawrents use them! Get ready to be blown away by the results! 

Our droppers contain just two ingredients: Full spectrum CBD oil and hemp seed oil! That makes our droppers 100 percent hemp! All natural, vegan and no artificial flavors or additives. 

Dropper Facts: 

  • CBD derived from an FDA approved hemp farm in Oregon, USA.
  • 100% human-grade ingredients sourced in the US
  • Great for both dogs and cats 
  • Hemp seed oil is used and contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to prevent heart disease and bad cholesterol for a healthier body
  • Lab tested for safety, purity, and potency
  • Non-GMO
  • Full spectrum (various cannabinoids are present) for a well rounded effect



No Side Effects: Does not damage the liver, kidney or GI Tract like OTC medication. It can be used in conjunction with regular medications with no interactions. 

Dietary Supplement: Can be administered daily as part of your pet's diet. Because of CBD's anti-inflammatory effects, when taken daily it can help prevent disease. 

Dosing Instructions:

Use directly in pet's mouth or on top of a "little bit" of food. (it is more effective with less food so avoid giving the dose during a meal) 

Repeat serving every 6-8 hours as needed. It may take anywhere from 30 min to an hour for effects to take place. Example: Grooming visit is at 3:00pm so the correct dose should be given at in between 2:00 to 2:30pm.


    Pets love our oil off of the dropper but if yours is picky, stay calm and read our tips :)

    For dogs: mix with whipped cream/yogurt or put on top of a strip of bacon or any wet food.  
    For cats: mix with a small amount of tuna or any wet food! Serious YUM!

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