not only do we want to help your pets, we also want to help those that are less Fortunate

Every month we choose an animal rescue and we donate $5.00 for every new model that signs up through our program!

If you have an amazing pawrent that looks out for your happiness and well-being, then your hooman should checkout our modeling program!

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Rescue of the month

Wildhearts Rescue works to save vulnerable dogs from South Korea. Many are rescued from dog meat farms or are at risk of euthanasia at the overcrowded city shelters. Mixed breeds unfortunately are seen as "unadoptable" there and our mission is to give them a chance when nobody else will.

Flying across the world is a stressful event and usually leads to pups soiling themselves in their travel kennels. Baths with good quality shampoo is so important upon their arrival as well as CBD to treat their trauma and anxiety

We are thrilled to work with Petals and Tails


For more information, checkout WILDHEARTSPDX rescues and follow them on instagram @wildheratspdx