Using CBD Pet Shampoo to Boost Your Pet's Skin and Coat Health

Does your pet suffer from itchy skin, allergies, and rashes? Use CBD pet shampoo to give your furry friend some relief!  

Benefits of Using Our CBD Pet Shampoos

Our high-quality shampoos are comprised of supreme ingredients that support the health of your pet’s skin and coat.  These ingredients include floral extracts that are sourced from all over the world as well as potent, therapeutic oils.   

In addition, our CBD pet shampoos offer the following benefits:

  • Non-irritating - They are hypoallergenic.
  • Balanced - A perfect pH balance prevents adverse reactions to our products.
  • Pleasing Fragrance - Our shampoos smell incredible, and so will your pet after using them.
  • Reduces Skin Issues - Your pet’s itchy, irritated skin, will improve thanks to the health-promoting ingredients in our shampoos.
  • Improves Appearance - Your pet’s coat will look soft and shiny.

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Our CBD Pet Shampoos

Each of our CBD shampoos have their own unique scents that take you and your pet on a journey to different parts of the world. Find out what makes each one so special.

Rosy Rose Oatmeal CBD Pet Shampoo

This shampoo will transport you to the pyramids of Egypt while also making your pet smell like a bed of roses.  And did you know that rose extract repels ticks and fleas?  

Lavender Fields Forever CBD Pet Shampoo

With a combination of lavender and chamomile, this shampoo’s scent will soothe your pet and make you feel like you are on a trip to France. 

Pure White and Peony CBD Pet Shampoo

Take a stroll through the peonies near Mt. Fuji with this shampoo.  The peony’s refreshing and cleansing qualities will make your pet feel brand new.  

Exotic Orchid CBD Pet Shampoo

This shampoo’s yellow orchids give off a Brazilian vibe as it works its magic on your pet’s coat and skin.  


No matter which one you choose, you can’t go wrong.  Once you start using our CBD pet shampoos your pet’s skin and coat will look and feel amazing!   

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