The Best Dog Costumes Online for Halloween 2022

TOMSENN Dog Lion Mane

This two-piece costume includes a lion’s mane that sits on your dog’s neck and a tail attachment. “I have never gotten so much attention for a costume before,” writes one golden retriever owner. “People across the street came over to check my dog out. I loved the satin liner and the hidden drawstring, plus the coloring fit my dog perfectly.” Another says his golden “looks great in it, and people just go nuts,” plus, “since he’s a total ham, he loves it too.” One reviewer says this costume is “adorable and comfy” but warns, “Don’t force your animal to wear it if your pet is not used to wearing costumes.” Another says that “the headpiece is adjustable and not tight at all,” so the dog was comfortable while wearing it. And one owner of a German shepherd–Rottweiler mix that doesn’t often wear costumes “really wanted” to try this out: “He looked hilarious, but he didn’t seem to mind. Regardless of what anyone else says, this was worth every penny.”

Casual Canine Glow Bones Dog Skeleton Pet Costume

Dog owners like this skeleton costume for their pets because it glows in the dark, but the fact that it’s low maintenance and comfortable for their dog to wear was another selling point. “I tried to take it off, but he wouldn’t let me, so someone slept as a glow-in-the-dark skeleton. This one’s a keeper,” writes one reviewer. Many customers credit the material for making this costume comfortable, with one saying it has “some stretch so he was able to act, play, and sleep in this.” Another writes, “It is fairly forgiving, being both baggy and stretchy enough to fit a good range of shapes and sizes without flopping around or dangling too low in the back or hindquarters.” And on the design, this shopper adds, “It really does glow in the dark, and I have to admit that, worn on a dark dog at night, it looks both very cool and sort of creepy.” Another mentions that while some costumes require you to take the costume off the dog for it to go to the bathroom, which can be a hassle, “Your pup can do his or her business without any issues while wearing this.”

California Costume Collections PET20151 UPS Pal Dog Costume

Lots of customers bought this costume because their dogs unconditionally love their UPS delivery driver. One reviewer “got this costume to get a picture” of her UPS guy and her dog dressed the same, but she ended up reusing it for Halloween after receiving tons of compliments on Facebook. Another said her dog “pretty much broke the internet in it” after wearing it on Halloween. One more was bummed her puppy won only second place at her Halloween costume party, because “she looked so cute in her outfit,” but she still sent a picture to UPS so “they can see their canine ambassador.” Many even say for such an intricate-looking costume, it’s actually relatively simple to put on. “It’s easy to put on due to Velcro strips, and the hat has an adjustable elastic band. Very soft and lightweight for your pup,” writes one customer, who thinks her “corgi is somehow even cuter in this costume.”

Rubie's Puppy Latte Pet Costume

This latte-themed costume gave reviewers many laughs. One bought two, one for her American Eskimo and another for her Pomeranian, writing, “They’re the cutest puppy lattes ever.” Another got creative and turned it into a “Pumpkin Spice Latte” costume by adding “some stickers and a jar of pumpkin-pie spice.” She says, “My dog hated it, but all of the humans loved it.” One more customer who bought these for two toy poodles thinks this costume will last “for many years to come.” And a fourth reviewer says her pug “tends to fidget when trying to put anything on him overhead,” but “this one actually fit really well and the Velcro fastenings made it much easier to put on.”

 Cowboy Rider Style Dog Carrying Costume
Customers were tickled by this cowboy costume. “By far the best dog costume ever,” raved one. “Dog does not even know it is on and when he runs it is funny as heck to see the little cowboy bobbing on his back.” “My dog wore this on a couple of walks, and it was so funny that two people literally pulled over and asked if they could take a picture,” wrote another. Reviewers expressed appreciation for the costume’s comfort. “Because it was so harness-like,” said one, “this was the first costume EVER that my dog didn’t throw a tantrum and try to rip off.” Several mentioned that it ran a bit small, but the general consensus was, as one husky-owner wrote, “adorable, 10/10.”

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