Should You Worry About The Side Effects Of CBD Oil For Your Pets?

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Today's blog will be pretty short since we will be discussing CBD side-effects and yes you guessed it! there aren't many

Since CBD is all-natural, it is very rare to experience side effects from it, but occasionally it can cause diarrhea, sleepiness, decrease in saliva or low blood pressure. As a company we have only had 2 out of the 1,200 plus customers report slight diarrhea in their pets and various reported sleepiness (which to some was the end goal since they were trying to get their pets to get a full nights sleep). No other side effects were reported since our opening in 2018. The cases with diarrhea were very quickly resolved by lowering the daily dose. As for the low blood pressure, If your pup or kitty is on any blood thinners it is best to reach out to your vet before giving them CBD (to consult adding CBD to their current medications), although they would need a high dose in order for that to happen. 

Well, that's really it for CBD and side effects. It is an incredibly safe supplement to give to your pets with life-changing benefits. You can rest assured that giving CBD to your pet is a great way to make them feel better! 

CBD has shown to be a great natural alternative option to handle anxiety, seizures, skin allergies, stress, arthritis, joint and hip issues!



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