Calming Treats. CBD treats for dogs and cats. Soft and chewy treats.

Discover How Our CBD Passion Flower and Ginger Treats Can Help Your Pet Feel Better

Basics of our calming treats

First we just want to make a few things clear:

1. We always use completely natural ingredients in all of our products.

2. Our treats are fully made in the USA (Yes, this includes the packaging as well! We love supporting USA companies!)

3. The Hemp in our treats is of the purest form (tested for contaminants, derived from non-GMO hemp plants, and taken from an FDA regulated hemp farm.

4. Our treat formula was formulated by veterinarians to insure the best possible Hemp absorption and best fitting ingredients to deliver a safe and successful product for your furry (or furless) baby! 

5. Our treats are loved by both dogs and cats! 

Ok! now that we got that out of the way, here is a little info on the ingredients in our treats.

The ingredients: full spectrum hemp + Passion Flower + Valerian Root + Ginger Root

Full spectrum Hemp Oil (5mg per treat): has been shown to help pets with anxiety (separation, noise, guests, car, plane.. you name it!), pain relief, arthritis, nausea, seizures, tremors, inflammation and skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis, allergies).

Passion Flower: is a natural stress reducer, good-mood booster and improves sleeping patterns. Great for separation anxiety.

Valerian Root: is a natural way to treat aggression and help reduce anxiety.

Ginger Root: helps with nausea, bloating, inflamed joints (arthritis), anti-inflammation and heartworm. 

Other ingredients: Rice bran, cane molasses, rice flower, water, tapioca starch, natural cheese flavor, lecithin, safflower oil, glycerin, ascorbic acid, sorbic acid, calcium propionate, vitamin E.

Additional Benefits of our calming treats

If you have been doing your own research, you have probably found that most pet hemp companies do not think of cats or senior pets when creating their treats. We wanted to change that! 

Besides you can travel with them anywhere since it is completely legal and easy to pack.


Our treats were made with cats in mind! Aside from their delicious taste that cats love, they were made to be very small and soft making them more appealing to our feline friends! (their diameter is about the size of a dime). 

senior pets  

We didn't forget about our senior pets either! unlike other brands that make their treats in "cookie" form making them harder to bite into for senior pets who have little energy or few teeth, our treats are small, soft and easy to crumble, making them ideal for older pets! 


When it comes to Full spectrum hemp, weight is the main factor when determining dosing levels, but don't worry about side effects or over-dosing since both of those things are impossible when it comes to hemp. 

30 treats per bag (If you have a pet of 50 lbs plus or have multiple pets, check out our bundle packages for more affordable options!)

5mg per treat!  

Instructions: repeat serving every 6-8 hours as needed. 

  • Pets less than 15 lbs: Get 1 treat
  • Pets from 15-30 lbs: Get 2 treats 
  • Pets from 30-50 lbs: Get 3 treats
  • Pets from 50 plus lbs: Get 4 treats

Important: Please keep in mind that every pet is different and that the above information is just a suggestion based on research and success stories from our current customers. 

We hope you enjoyed this blog! 

Please if you have any other questions or doubts, shoot as an email at and we will answer you ASAP!







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