CBD Oil Extraction Methods - CBD Oil For Pets

You might already be aware of the variety of benefits CBD oil can have for your pets, and the growing marketing around CBD oil for your dogs and cats has meant you want to find out a bit more of how its extracted.

This blog takes a look through the extraction methods that some other human and pet CBD oil companies use and how Petals and Tails source their quality CBD oil and run lab tests on every single batch!

What is CBD Oil For Pets And Can It Make Them High?

Short answer, no. It cannot make your pet ‘high’. There is a variety of products that have CBD in them such as shampoos and treats, there is also the original oil itself.

CBD oil is also known as “cannabidiol” and is one of many compounds found in either CBD or marijuana plants, which are both part of the cannabis species. There are common misconceptions associating CBD with the compound “THC” which is found in marijuana plants and gives a ‘high’.

However, this is not the case, CBD is a non-psychoactive compound which although is still in its early stages of research, has been able to show incredible health benefits for pets with no side-effects.

All products sold by Petals and Tails we only use CBD-derived from hemp plants that contain less than 0.03% of THC.


What Are The Benefits Of CBD Oil For Pets?

As CBD oil is 100% safe for both cats and dogs it has been used to cure a number of ailments including:

  • Rashes, dry skin
  • Allergies
  • Helps control seizures
  • Eases pains such as arthritis or injury
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Helps anxieties such as separation, travel, visiting the vets, fireworks etc.

Here are just a handful of reviews from pet owners just like you, that have seen the amazing benefits CBD oil has brought to both the owner and the pet’s life.


Maggie S.

Amazing quality!

This stuff is amazing! After just one use we noticed our dog wasn’t showing signs of pain due to her hip dysplasia. She was like a puppy again! (She’s 10 and has a hard time getting up and downstairs) we put some of the oil on a treat and she ate it immediately. About 20-30 minutes after she was bouncing around the house.



This product is magical. My rescued husky has really bad separation anxiety. He will destroy everything if we leave him alone. Even if it’s just for 45min. We tried everything, leave the TV on, puzzles toys, Kong’s toys .. etc but he kept getting upset.
So we decide to try these drops because we saw that have really good reviews. And OH MY!! 

It’s wonderful! My dog changed in just one day! He is so good now when we leave him alone. We gave him the drops 30minutes before going to work and when we come back he is just chilling in the couch. I am so happy for him and so grateful for this product!

hemp oil for pets

What Extraction Methods Are There For CBD Oil?

The best extraction method is supercritical (or subcritical) CO2 extraction. This system uses carbon dioxide under high pressure and low temperatures to assure the purity of the extracted medicinal oil.

Subcritical extraction is done at a lower temperature (under 88F) than supercritical, while supercritical extraction is done over 88F and 1083 psi. Yields are a little lower with the subcritical vs the supercritical method but both processes ensure a quality CBD product.

 It’s the most expensive extraction method, producing a non-toxic, pure, natural, non-flammable product. The extract has a cleaner taste and mycotoxins can’t survive the extraction process.

Avoid any products made with solvents like propane, butane, pentane or hexane - toxic flammable hydrocarbon gases found in petroleum. Inhalation can cause cardiac and respiratory problems.

Some CBD products are extracted in pharmaceutical-grade ethanol (grain alcohol). This process is Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) but can destroy the plant’s waxes, leading to a less potent oil.


How Are Petals And Tails CBD Oil Extracted?

Petals and Tails source their CBD oil from an industrial hemp farm that produces some of the richest, medicinal CBD hemp in the USA. Our hemp oil is completely isolated through CO2 extraction and crystal precipitation and id of the highest grade, pesticide-free, non-GMO hemp in the world.

The industrial CBD farms are fully compliant with the State Department of Agriculture regulations

Petals and Tails are dedicated to always using the highest-quality ingredients, always 3rd party testing their products and making sure their products are effective and safe for your pets.


Each batch is tested at a 3rd party independent lab to ensure everything is as it should be and our products also contain scannable stickers to look up the specific lab test in on your phone or computer.

Within our quality assurance process, we test the potency of our supplies and products both before and after production, and the high-quality grade CBD supplied to us from an FDA regulated CBD farm in Oregon, USA is once again 3rd-party tested to ensure it meets our high standards for safety and potency. 

You can view our lab tests, just click here.


Due to the increasingly popular demand for CBD oil products, there are a lot of companies on the market, many popping up only to make money. This is not the case at Petals And Tails, we understand and share the love you have for your pets and want to ensure only the best products are used. Read more on how Petals And Tails were founded.

When you’re looking for CBD oil for your pet, make sure you can view the lab results of the product and that the CBD oil has been organically sourced. Many customers have tried other brands, only to find they are less effective. This goes to show the vast variety of quality that is being marketed and mis-sold.

Our pets are our babies and our world, make sure to research and ask any questions if you have any queries or questions about any processes, we’re here to help!

hemp oil for pets


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